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From Oscar Picasso <>
Subject Re: Caching and aggregate
Date Wed, 24 Mar 2004 13:50:08 GMT
> Alternatively (and maybe more easily), are you in a position to retrieve 
> 2.1.5 HEAD and test your case there?

Same problem with 2.1.5 HEAD.

> How do you calculate your cachekey in the log-on component?

The log-on component is a VelocityGenerator subclass.
The key is based on some request attributes that are
chosen upon configuration of the component.

<map:generator usecache="false" label="content"
               logger="xenata"  caching-attributes="is-logged"

The relevant attribute is 'caching-attributes'
which means in this case that the RequestAttributesCacheableVelocityGenerator
will look for a request attribute named 'is-logged' to compute
the key. (It uses also the name of the velocity template).

The 'is-logged' attribute is a Boolean that is set upper in the pipeline 
inside an action. The action sets correctly the 'is-logged'

> The cachekey that is used for aggregated content is composed of the 
> individual key-parts of the aggregation, i just have the feeling that it 
> does not get invalidated properly sometimes.

That what I thought. However, looking at my log files there is something that
I don't understand:

++ The 'log component' key

DEBUG   (2004-03-24) 08:07.12:006   [sitemap] (/cocoon/xenata/one)
http8080-Processor25/AbstractCachingProcessingPipeline: Found cached response
for 'one/home-glou/login-status.xml' using key:

++ The aggregate key

DEBUG   (2004-03-24) 08:07.12:025   [sitemap] (/cocoon/xenata/one)
http8080-Processor25/AbstractCachingProcessingPipeline: Found cached response
for 'one' using key:

As you can see the 'log component' key is not included in the aggregate key
instead it uses something like 

By the way, what is the meaning of 'P=false'?

Attachement: the RequestAttributesCacheableVelocityGenerator and its

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