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From David Swearingen <>
Subject New to Cocoon - best practice for setting up sandbox?
Date Thu, 18 Mar 2004 04:50:18 GMT
I'm new to Cocoon.  I'm trying to understand how to set up an area on
my server where I can 1) start doing some testing and 2) eventually
deploy production code.  I've scoured the docs and several websites but
have had no luck in finding an answer to my question, below.

I've dropped the cocoon.war in my webapps directory and it's expanded
and the samples are and docs are all running fine.

What I don't understand: where can I set up a clean, virgin sitemap
file and folder for my testing, without having to edit the huge sitemap
file currently under the cocoon folder, but at the same time without
disabling any of the current files?  I just want a separate area to
work in but I don't know how to set this up without modifying the
current sitemap(s).

Finally, when I go into production on a separate server, I would like
to simply have my application and nothing else, no samples, no docs. 
What's the general approach to this?  Can you point me to a good
document that describes these steps?


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