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From "Rafael Alvarado" <alvar...@Princeton.EDU>
Subject RE: My XSP is entifying my UTF
Date Tue, 09 Mar 2004 22:54:08 GMT
Here is my situation.  I run an etext server with documents written in
several languages.  In creating a search interface for a collection of
Hebrew documents, for example, I want to pull a distinct list of words from
a db and create a set of lists for users to search with.  The values have to
be in unicode, since they will be sent back to the database as a query
string.  I don't want to have to translate entities back and forth into UTF8
-- I would rather work in UTF8 and forget entities forever.  

By the way, I had a similar problem with the HTML generator that uses Jtidy
-- is this, too, the fault of Xalan?

Rafael C. Alvarado
Manager of Humanities Computing Research Applications
316 87 Prospect | Princeton University

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From: Joerg Heinicke [] 
Sent: Tuesday, March 09, 2004 5:46 PM
Subject: Re: My XSP is entifying my UTF

On 09.03.2004 23:31, Rafael Alvarado wrote:

> OK, thanks for the clarification. So, then, if Xalan is the culprit, 
> can it be replaced in Cocoon? My memory says no, but I'll have to take 
> a look.  If it cannot be replaced, then I'll probably have to drop Cocoon!

Much to my regret! Why are the entified characters so problematic?

The good news: Cocoon does not depend on Xalan, but only on a JAXP
compatible processor. So it can be replaced. I know few people using Saxon
for example. The bad news: if you use JDK 1.4 Xalan is delivered with the
JDK and it will be a bit more difficult to get it not used by Cocoon (e.g.
by the ParanoidCocoonServlet).


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