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From Nicolas Toper <>
Subject Re: exist database
Date Sat, 06 Mar 2004 18:48:28 GMT
I'm back and I did find a job where I'll be able to use Cocoon  :=)
Well, question on eXist should be posted on eXist ML. But basically,
you have 3 ways of using eXist: as a server ( or as a Cocoon instance (actually
eXist is delivered with it).
It communicates through your XMLRPC.
You could also embed it in your Webapp (personnly I don't recommend it).
I used it extensively on my last CMS project and it's pretty cool. If you need help, I'll
be glad to assist (on the ML or privately) you since I had a lot of trouble settings things
up right the first time.

lionel crine <> wrote:

I'm trying to use exist database but ii'm a little bit confused.

Must I use the exist database locally in my cocoon instance ?

For example, if I have cocoon from one side and exist as a standalone, how can
i access exist with cocoon using xmldb ?

has someone already used exist database inside a portal ?

Thanks a lot.


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