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From "Baun, Kevin" <>
Subject CDATA problem?
Date Tue, 09 Mar 2004 17:39:10 GMT
okay so I have this...
which as I under stand it should allow the characters to just print as in
with no transform.

I have been searching elist and newsgroup archives for days and I have found
a great deal of "this question was already answered, look it up" but have
yet to find an actuall answer.

I also attempted the <util:include-expr> but util namespace was obviously
not recognized (yes it is declaired in the :page) and the XSPUtil api
documentation is useless, as it only shows the method declaration and not
the code, or even an explanation.

I was also looking at trying to use <xsp:pi name="cocoon-process"> to
'disconnect' the translator, but that doesn't seem to work ether.

I also tryed xsp:text disable-output-escaping> and that doesn't work ether.

what really gets me is that the input is fine (still has the actuall '<' as
it should) in side the xsp:logic tag, infact right up until it  gets put
into the xsp:expr it does what it's supposted to. then kablammo, broke.

I'm totally stumped, any ideas of solutions or where to find one would be
greatly apperchiated.
Thanks again everybody,

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