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From "Garvin Riensche" <>
Subject Accessing DOM tree (was Re: JPath Problem)
Date Sat, 27 Mar 2004 11:00:48 GMT
Hi there,

> I have a problem with a JPath expression that schould iterate over some
> elements of DOM tree. It should be very easy but for some reason it is
> not working. The XML data looks like the following:

Unfortunately I could not figure out what is wrong. As I am quite in a hurry
I have to think about other possibilities of accessing the dom tree. By the
the DOM tree was created with flowscript. I have a pipeline called "data"
produces the xml data for the dom tree and in the flowscript I have the
to build the dom tree:

var source = resolver.resolveURI("cocoon:/data");
var dom =;

As I described before the access with jpath works fine as long as I am not
a for-each loop. But as soon as I am using a "jpath:for-each" I can't use
"jpath:value-of select" in the loop because I always get a "xpath not

Are there any other possibilities to access the DOM tree with a loop in an
XSP File
besides JPath?


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