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From "Joe D. Williams" <>
Subject WebDAV samples sitemap question
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2004 15:02:14 GMT
I have been testing the WebDAV samples, and gotten some good results, but
would like to fully understand the sitemap before I go any further.

What is the meaning of the pattern: "[\w]*.meta"

It occurs in several matchers. For example:

<map:match pattern="repo/">
    <map:generate type="traverse" src="{global:staging}repo/">
        <map:parameter name="exclude" value="[\w]*.meta"/>

OK. I understand that we are generating a document using the
TraversableDirectoryGenerator to read the repo directory.

But I have never encountered the use of square brackets or a backslash in
any XML code before, so am having trouble wrapping my mind around this

I infer that we are excluding the *.meta files that are created, but do not
grok the [\w]....

Clues or pointers to documentation containing same would be appreciated.

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