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From "richard" <ric...@CHARTER.NET>
Subject [cforms] Problem with behavior of <fd:submit validate="false">
Date Sun, 28 Mar 2004 19:54:53 GMT
I am experiencing a different behavior with a non-validating submit
widget using the CForms version in cocoon-2.1_20040327171257 from what I
saw with Woody in Cocoon 2.1.4.
Using the following widgets with 2.1.4, the Cancel widget would return
control to the flowscript without validating the form.  In the latest
CForms in 2.1.5-dev, the form is not validated, but it is redisplayed
and control is never returned to the flowscript.
    <fd:submit id="cancel" action-command="submit" validate="false">
        <fd:label>Cancel Registration</fd:label>
        <fd:hint>Click this button to cancel this form.</fd:hint>
    <fd:submit id="next" action-command="submit" validate="true">
        <fd:label>Next Step -></fd:label>
        <fd:hint>Click this button to move to the next step.</fd:hint>
The Next widget behaves as expected and validates the form before
returning control to the flowscript.
These widgets are used in a simple wizard application and not having
control returned to the flowscript totally breaks my wizard.  Am I doing
something incorrectly, or is CForms broken in this respect?

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