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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: woody, flow and database confusion
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2004 11:23:19 GMT

It sounds like you have managed quite a bit of learning here;
I have been thinking about going this route in the future but
have not yet convinced myself that all this complexity is worth
some (possible?) benefit.  Is there any possibility you could
start writing up an "idiots guide" on the wiki - you may not think
you know much but you do know a lot more than many others!


>>> 2004/02/18 01:15:29 PM >>>
I have been trying for several days to get grips on the "super trio"
Flow and OJB/JDO. I don't have any succes yet, but that is mainly to
complexity of getting OJB/JDO to run. Could someone please shed a light
this to get me going again?

I have created a bean to store all form data. The Woody form and the
FlowScipt have been created too. I have used the obj/woody sample as a
template to get things running. That's the easy part (relatively
I'm using mySQL as a databasource and have a datasource configured in
cocoon.xconf. This datasource is used in XSP pages using ESQL without
problem, so that works for sure.
My biggest confusion is where I need to configure the link from the
datastore to the database. Where do I configure OJB and JDO?
I have, package.jdo, repository.dtd and repository.xml
in the
WEB-INF/classes directory. I see a total overlap in the configuration
in the
package.jdo and repository.xml file. Why is that? Is either of them

I have created a DAO class file too. This is a direct copy of the
Employee_DAO class file from the samples. I only replaced the package
replaced the bean methods with the ones from my bean. All this
without any problem. The bean and the DAO class are packaged in a jar
and put in the WEB-INF lib directory. I assume this is where I will
eventually create queries using OJB code to fill the bean with data. Am

Thanks a lot for any help,

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