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Subject Re: IFRAME behavior
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2004 14:09:11 GMT

What's happening is that your pattern is not doing what it looks like. 
While the src attribute is the same as the pattern ("frame/*.jpg"), it 
won't match because your src attribute actually expands out to 
blah/blah/frame/myname.jpg.  In order to get it to match, you'll need to 
change your pattern to "**frame/*.jpg".  That will match any URL within 
your context that has 'frame' in the path and is asking for a jpg file. 
Your adjusted sitemap should be:

<map:match pattern="**frame/*.jpg">
        <map:generate type="serverpages" src="xsp/svg.xsp">
                <map:parameter name="artistID" value="{2}"/>
        <map:serialize type="svg2jpeg"/>  

Note the {1} has also been changed to {2}.

BTW, this really has nothing to do with the IFRAME itself.


David Day

beyaNet Consultancy <>

02/18/2004 04:24 AM
Please respond to users


Subject:        IFRAME behaviour

I have a page structure that works on the following principal:

                 <!-- Menu Bar -->
                 <td>menu items go here</td>

                 <!-- Iframe - dynamic content -->

In the iframe a document is loaded which makes image calls like so:

<image src="frame/myname.jpg" /> which should match a map in my sitemap 
defined as:

type="serverpages" src="xsp/svg.xsp">
 <map:parameter name="artistID" value="{1}"/>
 <map:serialize type="svg2jpeg"/>  

For hours I could not get any images to load until I referenced the 
image calls as <image src="../../frame/myname.jpg" />. My question is, 
as every document loaded in a cocoon environment has to pass through 
the sitemap before it does anything, why doesn't <image 
src="frame/myname.jpg" /> work?

many thanks in advance

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