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From Mark Lundquist>
Subject Re: [woody] Multiple bindings?
Date Sat, 14 Feb 2004 21:58:23 GMT

On Feb 14, 2004, at 1:31 PM, Antonio Gallardo wrote:

> Mark Lundquist dijo:
>> A form can only be bound to one model, but I need a form that has the
>> effect of being bound to 2 beans (so in MVC terms the one form would
>> comprise 2 views, one of each model).
>> Does anybody have any suggestions for how to achieve this?
> You can build 2 diferents pipelines or 2 diferents flows scripts, where
> the binding.xml is diferent. That way you can share the definition.xml 
> and
> the template.xml of the CForms.

Thanks... can you explain a little more?  As I understand it, form 
object means one sitemap call to woody(), which would mean one 
binding.xml (passed in the bindingURI parameter to woody()).  So I 
don't see the path that gets you from two bindings to one form...?

Anyway, it's probably overkill for me.  My form isn't so big, so I'll 
probably just end up not using the binding for this.

> Hmm... In Woody you can have diferents submit buttons. Each button 
> define
> a single action. For example, 1 button for "update", another for 
> "delete",
> etc. Then in the flow you decide what to do with the returned form 
> values
> based on the button pressed by the user. This works fine.

Yes — but that wasn't the issue in this case.  Also, there would have 
been an issue with validation — since there's just one form, there is 
only one continuation.  So, any of the form buttons will result in 
processing the entire form versus the (single) validator, and in the 
scenario that was being complicated, this would have been not so nice.

> BTW, What means P.O.V.?

"Point of view".

Thanks again,
-- Mark

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