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From "Corin Moss" <>
Subject RE: record pipeline result
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2004 09:39:19 GMT


I'm not sure if it's considered best practice, but I've just
successfully used the XSPUtil.includeSource method.  The following is
similar, but returns a string representation of the pipeline output (I

XSPUtil.getSourceAsString("cocoon://PIPELINEGOESHERE", resolver);

And the name space is


If you look in the XSP Util class def, you'll see a lot more about it.
You'll see the java-doc for it under:


If you're wanting to send the results of a pipeline via an email -
getting it into a string is one way :)

Also, refer to this email:



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Sent: Wednesday, 25 February 2004 10:29 p.m.
Subject: RE: record pipeline result

As requested by Geoff, I'll update the information:

> Well, I mentioned processPipelineTo and the non-existent
> PipelineHelper.  I think though I was referring to
> org.apache.cocoon.components.flow.util.PipelineUtil.  You may want to
> dig through the archives on the dev list for references to these two.

> As they overlap, it seems likely one is being phased out/deprecated
> already.  If I had to bet, I'd bet processPipelineTo is being phased
> in favor of PipelineHelper.

> HTH,
> Geoff

I looked through the archives and found this one to be the most helpful:

Bye, Helma

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> From: Geoff Howard []
> Sent: Sunday, 08 February 2004 00:01
> To:
> Subject: Re: record pipeline result
> Thorsten Mauch wrote:
> > Hi
> > My application needs to send the the result of a pipeline as mail.
> > Is it possible to call a pipleline with  a (faked ) request object
> > and the save the output stream ?
> There is the sendmail action, xsp logicsheet, and I think also
> transformer.  With the cocoon protocol you essentially create a
> sub-request in which you can specify the parameters.  Also
> take a look
> at processPipelineTo in flow, and the PipelineHelper in 2.1
> for what is
> probably cleaner way to accomplish side-effects of a request.
> Geoff
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