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From "Nick Duncan" <>
Subject How to use forms with coplets in the Portal Engine
Date Sat, 28 Feb 2004 00:43:06 GMT
    Using Cocoon 2.1.4.  New Portal Engine.  All I am trying to do is use a form within a coplet,
and then change the content within the coplet once an action is submitted.  I don't know what
action to specifiy within the form.  If I specify the same matcher within the coplet's sitemap
that I used to generate the form (which is what I want to do, and use a selector to display
the various output), the result is displayed but it fills the entire screen and I lose the
tabs.  If i just try to specify an action name without any preceeding path information (coplets/),
nothing happens.  Could someone please explain to me how to access coplets from within a form?
 I see the gallery example uses something like <c1:link, is there an equivalent for form
actions?  Thanks in advance.  

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