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From Phil Blake <>
Subject Re: javax.servlet.http.HttpSession access from XSP?
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2004 04:25:31 GMT
> Ok, I think the proposal to do this is not going to go anywhere, but 
> there is a solution.  You'll probably need to give more info (or 
> remind us of it) of what code you are calling this from (action, flow, 
> generator, transformer, etc.).
> While you are at it, can you give more info about what part of the 
> Cayenne API relies on this?  It is odd that they need an http session 
> object - what if you wanted to use this code outside of a webapp?

 From what I can see, cayenne is simply using the HttpSession as a key 
to associate with the database session.

In my case I am wanting to do something like this:

<xsp-session:set-attribute name="dataContext">

However, this is where it goes south because session is not an 

I like the suggestion that Session implements HttpSession - that looks 
like a fairly trivial change and is likely to support any framework 
that requires one.

Any suggestions. This is currently a show-stopper so I need an answer - 
however, I am not a maintainer (yet) and I don't know how to go about 
having a change like this pushed through quickly. Do you have any 

Thanks again for your help,

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