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From Mark Lundquist>
Subject [woody] bizdata, JXTemplate
Date Sat, 14 Feb 2004 20:42:40 GMT

I'm using Woody+Flow but not using the binding framework yet.  I'm 
passing an object to the view layer in the bizdata parameter to 
showForm().  I wrapped my Woody template in a <jx:template> and started 
my form display pipeline with the JX generator, and it all worked 

Then I thought "wait a minute, the Woody transformer is already doing 
JXPath" (witness "#{$continuation/id}).  So, I un-wrapped my Woody 
template, changed my expression to JXPath syntax (I was using Jexl at 
the time), and replaced the JX generator with the XML "file" generator.

But now, my expressions aren't being substituted anymore.

Was all that a bad think?

Then I thought (maybe wrongly), "Well, somewhere arbitrary JXPath 
expressions have to be handled in order to support the binding 
framework".  So I changed my flow to be invoked by woody() (i.e., made 
the form a parameter to the function instead of creating it locally), 
and changed the sitemap to invoke the flow via woody() (even though I 
don't have a binding).

That didn't help.  So either:

	(a) the JXPath magic is not in woody() or invoked directly by woody(), 
instead it's in the binding core;  or,

	(b) I'm just plain-old screwing up somewhere.

Can someone enlighten me?

Also, this begs another question... soon I want to start using the 
binding framework, but I may still need to pass things into the 
showForm() bizdata — things that are not bound to the model and do not 
have to do with the form per se, but rather with other page elements.  
When using the binding framework, will I still need to use the 
<jx:template> and JX generator to interpolate the bizdata?

Thanks for any insight,
-- Mark

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