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From Anthony Hervé <>
Subject Re: woody and xsp / esql tags for default values
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2004 17:16:51 GMT
Hello Bruno,

I do not really understand what you mean. What do you mean by

just call a pipeline (i.e. use cocoon:/ in the
src attribute) that starts with an XSP.

I just want to display by default a value from my database for a field 
in my form (example phone number), how can I do ?
Thanks for your answer.


Bruno Dumon wrote:

>On Wed, 2004-02-18 at 10:17, Anthony Hervé wrote:
>>Please find hereafter a quick description of my environment :
>>- xReporter v121
>>- Cocoon v213
>>- Phoenix v404
>>- Tomcat v4124
>>- Java v14 SDK (IBM)
>>- Postgresql v732
>>I am using Woody to build forms and I would like to retrieve information 
>>from my database to populate default field values.
>>In the documentation, the form_definition file is an xml document 
>>containing links to other xml files in which simple default values can 
>>be retrieved. In the example below, the values displayed in the 
>>selection list are retrieved from the a-choices xml document.
>>   <wd:field id="fourchars">
>>      <wd:label>Select something that's 4 characters long:</wd:label>
>>      <wd:datatype base="string"/>
>>      <wd:validation>
>>        <wd:length exact='2*2'/>
>>      </wd:validation>
>>      <wd:selection-list src="forms/a-choices.xml"/>
>>    </wd:field>
>>Is it possible to create the form_definition file as a xsp document to 
>>be able to include in it esql tags ?
>yes, but I would not recommend it (unless the structure of your form
>itself is dynamic). If you want to generate a selection list based on
>database data using ESQL, just call a pipeline (i.e. use cocoon:/ in the
>src attribute) that starts with an XSP.

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