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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: woody-forms and templates - bug or feature?
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2004 00:09:03 GMT
That's a known feature. There were already discussions on the dev list 
on this "optionally required" feature [1].

For the moment it's not really supported, but you have different 
possibilities: either a xreporter expression as suggested by Vadim [2] 
or doing the same with the new JavaScript validation feature [3] similar 
to the sample [4] (with widget.getForm().getWidget('id') you can access 
the _other widget_ containing the status of the selection and make _this 
widget_ optionally required).

For the fact that the form is just redisplayed and somebody can not 
track it down why there exists a bug in bugzilla [5].



On 18.02.2004 00:08, Stefan Burkard wrote:

> hi cocoon-users
> i was very glad to read in the woody-wiki that xml-based 
> form-definitions and templates that "call" the form-widgets are 
> separated, so that many templates can use one single form-definition. 
> but now, i ran into a problem and i don't know if it's a bug or a 
> feature :-)
> i have a contact-form on my website, but to provide the visitor just the 
> form-fields he need, i let him first choose what subject his contact is 
> about. if he wanna report me any problems with the page, he gets other 
> form-fields than when he wanna send me a link for my link-list.
> so, i wrote a single contact-form-definition with all possible widgets. 
> these include
> - name
> - e-mail
> - message
> - link
> - description
> and others
> while "name" and "e-mail" are widgets that every form-template uses, 
> some of the widgets are only used by one single form-template. for 
> example just the the form to send me new links shows the link-field.
> and now the problem: because it makes no sense, when the form to send 
> new links can be submited without a link, i set the link-widget 
> required="true". BUT, if any other template don't display the link-field 
> at all, it can never be submited because the link-field is not true 
> (what a wonder when it's not in the form at all :-)).
> is this a bug or a feature? do i really need to write a form-definition 
> for every "type" of my contact-form?
> for the moment it's no problem to set all required-attributes of the 
> widgets to "false", but it's not a smart solution at all...
> thanks for your input and greetings
> stefan

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