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From Daniel von Aesch <>
Subject Re: component pooling in cocoon
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2004 21:28:25 GMT

There's something in the pooling of our components I still do not 
understand. I presume that at least "pool-min" instances should be 
created at startup. Looking at the logs showed, that an instance is 
created when requested and this one is put into the pool. Then the 
component is get from the pool and also put back into the pool. Also the 
recycle method was called. But I got a warning:
ExcaliburComponentManager: Attempted to release a <example-component> 
but its handler could not be located.

First: is this a serious problem ?
Second: What are the pool-min, pool-grow parameters for, if they are 
obviously ignored. Respectively: Did something change in the Avalon 
Framework - testing the same component with the "old" Excalibur 4.1 
Framework (in a test-program) showed the expected behaviour.

Sorry - I'm a beginner and it's not so easy to find the right way... :-)

Thanks, Daniel

Olivier Billard wrote:

> Hi Daniel,
> Just in case, don't forget your component must inherit the avalon 
> Poolable interface.
> for your questions, see below :
> On 10/02/2004 07:49, Daniel von Aesch wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Can someone explain me how the component pooling in cocoon exactly 
>> works ? I
>> am new to cocoon and unfortunately I was not able to find out from the
>> cocoon and avalon docs how the pooling of components works.
>> 1. Are there "pool-min" instances created at startup ?
> Yes, pool-min is the number of components instanciated at the cocoon 
> startup.
> more info :

>> 2. If 1 is true - what could be wrong if there are not "pool-min" 
>> instances
>> created at startup ?
> Not sure, but I presume no objects are instanciated at cocoon startup
>> 3. We saw that even with pool-min and pool-grow, the system did not
>> behaviour as exptected. It did not instantiate pool-min components 
>> and if a new
>> component was requested there was exactly 1 new component 
>> instantiated (instead of
>> pool-grow).
> Maybe your component didn't inherited the Poolable interface...

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