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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: A notebook for Cocoon development
Date Tue, 10 Feb 2004 13:19:58 GMT
John L. Webber wrote:

> We're using 2.1.3 as well, though we've seen this behaviour with earlier 
> versions. I second what Brent said -- the memory problems show up if the 
> webapps are frequently redeployed. We haven't noticed any problems in a 
> production environment (we haven't gone live yet).

This is odd, as it would seem logically that restarting the webapp 
should reset all memory usage.  There is of course some state which is 
persisted between startups but I'm most suspicious that this is a 
container issue.

- John, do you also use Tomcat?  Which version do you both use?
- For a trial, do you get the same behavior deployed on Jetty? (either 
the bundled version or the full version from
- Are there any symptomatic errors in cocoon's or tomcat's logs?
- How do you restart?
- Which Cocoon blocks do you have installed?


> Geoff Howard wrote:
>> Brent L Johnson wrote:
>>> I've noticed something very similar.  I've got a production
>>> box running right now out of Florida and it runs Cocoon
>>> with Tomcat just fine.. been running for well over
>>> a month now (with small amounts of traffic though,
>>> since it isnt scheduled to go live until next month).
>>> But my development machine (which is the same as the
>>> production machine, just no RAID and only 512MB ram)
>>> really starts choking if I'm repeatedly restarting
>>> Tomcat (4-5 times in a day I mean).
>>> Let's hope I dont have this problem on the production
>>> machine since this is for a government contract :)
>> Which version of Cocoon?

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