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From Anna Bikkina <>
Subject Actions and parameters in sitemap
Date Mon, 23 Feb 2004 18:01:16 GMT

I am using multiple action classes to validate my date. I want to display 
error message depending on which action class has failed. I am trying to do 
something like this because that fails. Can someone suggest me how can I do 

I am adding a parameter ERROR after every act and trying to use it in the xsp 
and displaying it. I am not able to get it in the security.xsp.ERROR 
parameter is returning null. Can some suggest a working idea to solve my 

    <map:match pattern="security.xsp">
    	<map:act type="validator">
    		<map:parameter name="descriptor" value="/usr/local/jboss/tomcat/webapps/
    		<map:act type="startdate" src="security.xsp">
			<map:parameter "ERROR"  value="Invalid start date"/>
    		    	<map:act type="enddate" src="security.xsp">
				<map:parameter "ERROR"  value="Invalid end date"/>
    		    	<map:act type="validateothers" src="security.xsp">
				<map:parameter "ERROR"  value="Invalid other data"/>
    		   		<map:act type="get-security">    			
		    		<map:generate type="serverpages" src="securityresult.xsp"/>		    			
		    		<map:transform src="search.xsl"/>     				    
     <map:generate src="security.xsp" type="serverpages"/>
     <map:transform src="search.xsl"/>     

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