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From Alan <>
Subject Re: Cocoon Blogger
Date Tue, 10 Feb 2004 09:18:48 GMT
* Brian McCallister <> [2004-02-09 22:57]:
> On Feb 9, 2004, at 5:35 PM, Brent L Johnson wrote:

> >But I was thinking of full integrated support (adding, reading,
> >browsing, editing, comments and publishing feeds to RSS/RDF/Atom
> >format).
> >
> >Has anyone written one with Cocoon yet?  If so
> >there's no reason in re-inventing the wheel :)

> I am working (middle to back burner) on an Atom feed tool with the 
> intention of providing an Cocoon generator as one of its outputs. As 
> Atom is the best specified, and most nitpicky, of the feed formats (so 
> many standards to choose from) I put it as the central/standard format.

> More than happy to open this up before it is in a usefully usable state 
> if you are thinking of doing similar things. The design is very Cocoon 
> influenced =) This particular tool is targeted (from my perspective) at 
> munging hundreds of little feeds (filesystem items, shared imap 
> folders, etc) into useful feeds, but it should be pretty general 
> purpose (certainly enough for blog related stuff which is pretty 
> lightweight in comparison).

> There is also the Linotype sample app which is a blog implemented in 
> Cocoon.

Linotype would benifit from Atom support. I'm planning on hacking
    around with Linotype and Leyna and would be interested in chatting
    about Atom.

Alan / /

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