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From "Z.Z." <>
Subject Re: Equation in Openoffice
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2004 22:04:09 GMT

> Z.Z. wrote:
> > Sorry, I cannot find it, where is distribution┬┤s directory?
> Ah, well, you'll probably have to get the code from CVS. Look
> at the examples/mathml directory there are a few files with
> more information. I'm not sure whether the extension works
> with the HEAD code or only with the maintenance branch, or
> whether it works at all.

Thanks a lot, I'll find it...

> > All result of searching to jeuclid.jar is 2 document (by google,
> > yandex) which are only a html document instead of jeuclid.jar. There is
> > no jeuclid.jar in cocoon cvs, and too.
> The sf project overview is at
> which can be easily found with SF's search function. Download
> the source, you'll have to compile the jar by yourself. It seems
> there is some direct Cocoon support there too.

Ok, I download it.

> > Are there anybody who has some experience with mathml plugin for
> > Mozilla/IE? Is it good enough for University usage?
> Mozilla supports MathML natively, and it's in the default build
> since, well, a year or two by now (no plugin necessary). Standard
> support appears to be quite complete, look at
> for details. What do you consider "good enough for University usage"?

I just want to know, how it display some very special, and difficult 
equations, which is using at university. 

Zoltan Zidarics programmer
PTE University Pecs, Hungary
icq: 43288694

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