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From Mark Lundquist>
Subject Re: WoodyTemplateTransformer vs. WoodyGenerator
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2004 16:33:58 GMT

On Feb 11, 2004, at 1:13 AM, Bruno Dumon wrote:

> On Tue, 2004-02-10 at 03:17, Mark Lundquist wrote:
>> This is where I got stuck — I could create and display a form
>> usingflow and display it using the generator (and my stylesheet), but
>> thenfor flow you have to encode that continuation ID into the
>> <formaction="..."> somehow, and there's no way to do it!
> I don't have time to read this whole thread, but my eyes jus fell on
> this.
> You can provide the continuation ID to your XSL using a parameter in 
> the
> sitemap. There's an inputmodule with which you can get it (though it's
> only in CVS and still in scratchpad).

ah right... FlowContinuationModule... good.

> I don't think it's the role of the WoodyGenerator to supply you with 
> the
> continuation ID.

I agree.

> There have been updates to the WoodyGenerator, with latest CVS the
> lookup of the form works similary as with the template transformer
> (IIUC).

Very nice!

>  (won't help you for the case with the multiple forms on one page
> though).

Sure... understood.

> As far as the whole template vs generator debate is concerned, just use
> what fits your case best. If your forms are pretty generic and always
> follow the same layout, you're probably better of with the generator.

Yes, that's how it should be.

Thanks for the info!

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