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From Bastian Breithaupt <>
Subject Re: Best practice for "database" manipulation?
Date Sat, 21 Feb 2004 12:22:16 GMT
Hi Bertrand!

> FYI, I recently put some thoughts to paper about implementing business 
> logic in Cocoon,
> I've posted a summary on my weblog at 

I have read your summary and I think it is great. First question: Is the
paper the summary is based on "Open Source" :-) ?

I really like the idea of having a Avalon component acting as a facade
of the business logic. Actually I have been playing around with this
kind of architecture and it works great for me.

Right now, my facade and the business layer are on the same machine, but
in order to have my application distibuted I would like to connect the
bisiness layer via RMI and/or SOAP. So I have to extend my facade with
those facilities. Are there any "helpers" within the cocoon distribution
or do I have to implement the RMI/SOAP stuff myself?

Does anybody have gained some experience in this area? Any advice is
greatly appreciated.

My architecture:

Flow Controller: calls the facade, delivers business objects to the view
Facade: Avalon component, calls the business logic
business layer: Java classes
persistence layer: JDO (very slow) / ODMG

Best Regards,


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