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From "Jim Bloggs" <>
Subject Migrating from 2.0 to 2.1.3
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2004 16:49:13 GMT
Greetings Cocoon Persons!

I would be most grateful if some kind person would point me in the
direction of a document anywhere on the web which might help me to
migrate my cocoon apps from 2.0 to the most recent version. There may be
something on Wiki but I haven't found it yet.

I've installed the most recent Tomcat/Cocoon, and copied what looked like
the relevant part of the sitemap over to the default sitemap with the new
installation, copied over the application folders themselves and
restarted, but still got resource not found. 

I then decided to try just copying over the entire sitemap.xmap to see
what happened. Wouldn't parse.

I'm only doing this because of a hard drive replacement. It's been about
three years since I studied cocoon. Evidently the sitemap needs to be
recombobulated but I don't know whether it's worth the effort.

I'll check back later, but meantime I'm off to see about downgrading to
cocoon 2.0 on the latest Tomcat.

I would be most grateful for any hints, tips, or advice.

Many thanks for your patience.

best, Jim

PS. I've attached my old sitemap, just in case, who knows. Also, my
previous version of Tomcat was 4.0 and I'm a dorky Windows user. You know
how it goes. I'm sorry about that. :-(

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