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From "Brent L Johnson" <>
Subject RE: Memory Leak with Tomcat (was Re: A notebook for Cocoon development)
Date Tue, 10 Feb 2004 15:36:38 GMT
> > None that I've noticed.  But unlike John, I dont wait for 
> > OutOfMemory.. once performance drops I can't stand it so I just 
> > restart Tomcat.
> I thought you were saying this problem spanned restarts - obviously 
> we're talking about re-deploys in a running container then.  
> So how do 
> you redeploy?  Drop a new war in?  Using the tomcat manager app?

It does span restarts.. but the first few restarts work fine.
The way *I* fix the problem is I have to completely kill tomcat,
and check for any running java processes and kill them.. let the
machine sit and start Tomcat back up again.  It's really weird,
but I never really worried about it too much.

If it helps any.. the first thing that signals a problems is
that the site gets very slow for no apparent reason (and Tomcat
is sucking up 90% of the CPU of a 2.4Ghz Xeon processor).
Then Batik stops rendering images.. I get broken images in the
browser.  Then, usually, the site completely stops responding.
If I then just do a quick (sleep 2)
it may or may not work.. sometimes I have to run a shutdown and
wait a few minutes and start it back up (maybe 2 second sleep isnt
enough time).

> > The standard Tomcat and commands.
> And that fixes the problem?  So we're talking about a memory leak on 
> reload which could either be on tomcat's end or our end, but I'm 
> assuming this would be a well known problem if it were 
> tomcat.

It does if I shut it down manually (without my script that
just does a, sleep 2, wait about
30 seconds then start it back up again.  Or I can use my script,
but I may have to run it 3-4 times before everything works
correctly.  I can tell it didnt work correctly if 1) batik still
isnt rendering images, or 2) I get no response from the server.

> If I've 
> got all this right, can you file a bug report in bugzilla on 
> this?  If 
> you summarize our observations and link to these messages at 
> that should be perfect.  I have very 
> little time 
> to dig in personally right now, but someone will probably be 
> able to soon.

Sure - I'll see if I can reproduce it and make more detailed

> > A fairly minimal set of blocks.  Specifically: authentication-fw, 
> > batik, databases, fop, html, jsp, poi, and session-fw.
> Ok, I think there are others which are forced in by dependency, IIRC. 
> Are you using flow?

I'm not using flow.. but I keep hearing more and more about
it.. maybe I need to check that out :)


- Brent

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