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From "Bert Van Kets" <>
Subject Re: building Collection from JDO problems
Date Sat, 21 Feb 2004 14:24:46 GMT
> Hint: Set the above line in sitemap to avoid writing it over and over:

OK, did that. It does indeed make life easier in the long run. :-)

> When dao will got a right Object, the above line will print something
> dao=be.bvar.admin.links.LinksDAO@11492ed
> but you got dao=undefined


> So this means you are not getting the right object. Flow is not able to
> got it. Can you tell where are you deploying be.bvar.admin.links.LinksDAO?
> Please write the full dir structure you are using in WEB-INF/classes.

Here's the full path to the class file :

D:\java\projects\bvar is where my project resides. The class file is clearly

> This is not really a JDO problem this is a Flow problem that cannot find
> the right Java class.

Aparently. And it has me scratching my head for several days now.

> >
> > And here is the class descriptor from the repository.xml file :
> > <class-descriptor class="be.bvar.admin.links.Links" table="links">
>                                                ^^^^^
> This class is diferent from the LinksBean. Why you are using 2 diferent
> classes? Any way here is not the problem.

>From my understanding, the structure of the repository node must match the
class in which you load the data. As I have Link classes in a Collection (in
the LinksBean class), each containing one record of data, I thought the
repository has to point to the Link class and not to the bean containing the


> Best Regards,
> Antonio Gallardo
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