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From Olivier Billard <>
Subject Re: [ESQL] sharing transactions
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2004 11:27:16 GMT
I would like to do simple logic and tests in XSP, and use a component for more complex 
business code. But actions of the component would rely on things done in the XSP 
transaction... so it needs to act in the same transaction as the XSP logic.

On 28/01/2004 11:48, Nicolas Toper wrote:
> Because the connection is explicitaly coded as a parameter in a sitemap and 
> you have more controls over the parameter it seems: see 
> But rereading your mail, I don't understand what you intend to do:  share the 
> connections? The SQL? The result?
> <map:transform type="sql">
>     <map:parameter name="use-connection" value="personnel"/>
>     <map:parameter name="show-nr-of-rows" value="true"/> 
>     <map:parameter name="clob-encoding" value="UTF-8"/> 
>   </map:transform>
> Le Mercredi 28 Janvier 2004 10:41, Olivier Billard a écrit :
>>Hi Nicolas,
>>Thanks for your answer.
>>How could the SQL transformer help ?
>>On 28/01/2004 10:41, Nicolas Toper wrote:
>>>Bad but working & easy :=) if your ESQL is only called once a time it's
>>>OK. Otherwise, why not try the SQL Transformer?.
>>>Le Mercredi 28 Janvier 2004 10:30, Olivier Billard a écrit :
>>>>Hi Cocooners !
>>>>I use the esql stylesheet to execute a transaction. But I would like to
>>>>isolate the most business code possible in a java component, and sharing
>>>>the transaction to this component.
>>>>The ESQLConnection is meant to be hidden and abstracted by the
>>>>stylesheet, so it would be baaad to do something like
>>>>myComponent.dealWithBusinessCode(_esql_connection, ...);
>>>>So what is the best way to do this ?
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