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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject Re: Can I post to this list, without getting mail
Date Sat, 24 Jan 2004 17:53:43 GMT
> Hi,
> I'd like to read this mailing list via the mail to news gateway 
> at  So I'd like to be able to post to this list but 
> not receive any mail.  Is this possible?
yes it is. From gmane you'll just get the headers initially so just 
don't open that newsreader tab :) It won't fill up your mailbox.
> Oh, by the way, I had some trouble installing Cocoon 2.1.3 with
> Apache Tomcat 5 servlet engine (on a win2k box).  In particular, 
> I came across two hurdles:
> 1) I decompressed the cocoon-latest-src.tar.gz file using the 
>    winzip application.  This failed to create the empty directory
>    \cocoon-2.1.3\src\blocks\stx\java
>    I'm not sure whether it's possible to add a README text file
>    into the directory with the contents "this directory is empty",
>    but if it's not possible, then maybe the INSTALL text file could
>    be updated to reflect that winzip will not decompress the 
>    Cocoon archive correctly.
> 2) I'm a casual user of Java and as such I'm fairly competent
>    in creating and using JAR files (with or without using ANT), 
>    but I've no exposure to WAR files.  It was just through pure
>    trial and error that I added the "war" command line option 
>    to the build batch file.  (I should explain that I didn't 
>    start passing random words to the build batch process until I'd
>    done a search of the FAQ and a cursory browse of the Wiki.)
> I know these are only small things, but they were hurdles to me.  
> Before I finish I'd really like an answer, to my first question:
> is it possible to post to the Cocoon-users mailing list, and not
> receive mail?

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