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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject Re: Strange content delivery behavior
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2004 09:13:18 GMT
Hi Dan,

It would be great if you could narrow this down a bit.

How i would go progress here
- Setup a simple pipeline with a few of your common matchers
- Get an md5 sum of the expected output bytes for each of those matchers
- high-load the pipeline with jmeter or perl or something and compare
each output with the expected md5hex.

This will give you an idea when exactly it starts happening, if there is
any consistency, particular messages in the logs when it happens etc etc


danl001 wrote:

> Hassan,
> I had a similar issue and wrote to the list about it a week or two ago.
> The behavior I was experiencing was very strange, but definitely linked
> to the cache. On occassion, the wrong page would be delivered or the
> wrong stylesheet applied. For example, if I asked for a.xml with b.xsl
> applied to it, I might get c.xml with b.xsl applied to it or even c.xml
> with d.xsl applied to it.
> When I cleared the cache, this seemed to fix things, but it happnened
> again when the cache got larger.
> Have you tried clearing your cache?
> Dan
> Hassan Abolhassani wrote:
>>Hi Joerg,
>>>>2- Sometimes, when accessing a page like "news1.html", instead of
>>>>delivering content of "news1.xml" some other content like "news5.xml" is
>>>I never heard of such a strange behaviour until last week. And I guess
>>>it was you, wasn't it? I can't imagine a Cocoon cache bug, because this
>>>would occur more often, especially as you are using only standard
>>I did not sent anything last week in this regards.
>>Anyway, it is the first time for me after 2 years working with Cocoon to
>>see such an event. As I said, I am suspecious about the hosting
>>environment (specially memory capacity). When I restart the server,
>>everything is fine for sometime and then after a while such a behavior
>>What do you think? Is there any memory requirement specification for
>>Hassan Abolhassani
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