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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject Re: problem with caching aggregated src
Date Sat, 03 Jan 2004 17:46:32 GMT
I had a look at this. Joerg's observation is correct.

There is an easy way around IMHO :
Check the "lastmodified" attribute of the directory instead of each 
individual file.

Adding or removing files in a directory updates the lastmodified 
timestamp of this directory (at least on windows). If someone can check 
this behaviour on linux/macosX (don't have axx to a linux box until 
wednesday) then i'ld be happy to provide a patch.


Joerg Heinicke wrote:
> On 21.12.2003 16:00, rufio wrote:
>>> ok so :
>>> 1) test1.html -> caches
>>> 2) you add a file to src/main and request test1.html -> new file does 
>>> not show up
>>> 3) you request test2.html -> new file shows up and is cached
>>> Is this what you're getting now?
>> Exactly it's like this:
>> I have some xml files in src/main, eg file1.xml and file2.xml, and all 
>> of them
>> show up when I call any page as a menu. Now:
>> 1) request file1.html -> file1.xml + all as a menu
>> 2) add new.xml to src/main
>> 3) refresh file1.html -> nothing happens
>> 3) request file2.html -> see new menu with new.html
> It's a problem with the directory generator or it's validity as it does 
> only test on the files already stored in the collection, but does not 
> know about new files. So the cache is not invalidated after adding a new 
> file. I read this somewhere some days ago, but I don't know exactly 
> where. I couldn't find a bug in bugzilla, so can you file it there please?
> Does anybody else know where it was already mentioned?
> Joerg

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