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From "Daniel Smith" <>
Subject Re: Clarification on 2.1.3 unix install, please?
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2004 16:05:22 GMT
Tony Collen wrote:

>Yep, that's the nice thing about this whole Java business.  You can take 
>the WAR file anywhere as long as your app knows what to do with it, and 
>it'll install just fine.  In fact I did this a few weeks ago by compiling 
>on Win2k and moving the WAR file to a slower FreeBSD box. Same goes for 
>Xerces/Xalan/etc... (I assume you mean the endorsed libs).

Thanks, Tony.

But is there a certain command to use to compile with the creation of the 
war file?
>From what I can see after I ran the build on my XP machine there is no war 
file, even
though I can see the endorsed files and Cocoon runs well enough to display 
in the browser.


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