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From "Steve Schwarz" <>
Subject Re: Problems compiling action
Date Sat, 24 Jan 2004 20:42:02 GMT
It all depends how many iterations you need to make an action work; how 
complex the action is, how many actions you have. Softlinking is the the 
"quick and dirty"approach and puts your compiled code into the deployed 
cocoon class structure (or even jar file if that is what you want); it's a 
no-brainer from a cocoon build/configuration perspective. This was the 
approach I was using when I only had a couple actions and was "trying out" 
cocoon. Then choose the option you really need to minimize the work 

Just put your class structure under cocoon/src/java and the build/ant 
scripts will do the right thing when you perform with your argument 
of choice. i.e. compile

i.e. if your class is just put it under the 
cocoon/src/java tree:

or if you have your files in /home/yoshi/java/com/mine/acting
cd  ~/cocoon-2.1/src/java
ln -s ~/java/com .

I'm using Eclipse now and have my project put its compiled classes into the 
WEB-INF/classes tree when it compiles, together with the sunBow extensions 
it makes working with Cocoon a lot easier.

Hope this helps,

>Hi steve, in a post you made at 
> you 
>suggest softlinking an action source under cocoon's and using the cocoon 
>build script. Wont this require cocoon to be rebuilt (a somewhat timely 
>process). Also how is this done exactly?
>Any help you can give me would help and be much appreciated

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