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Subject RE: [Woody] problem with <wt:continuation-id/>
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2004 09:00:09 GMT
> And when it's somewhere in the mid :) Seriously, you should add the 
> pages the flow script calls via sendPage() at teh beginning of the 
> sitemap into a internal-only="true". Directly after this you can add 
> your matcher and it should not end in an endless loop.

True, but the problem is: not all pages are using flow/Woody. Therefore, not
all pages have a "continuation-id" parameter. So, it doesn't matter where I
put my map:match (request continuation-id), I will always get the

I'll explain the general "flow" in my sitemap. Maybe rewriting this might
solve the problem, but I don't really have any ideas about this.

First: I have a few redirections to get to "login.html". This pipeline and a
few others are adaptations of the "authentication with flow" example.

Then: XXXX is the internal part where I have one for each page I need. 

<map:match pattern="person/*">
	<map:call function="protect">
		<map:parameter redirect-on-success="internal/*"/>
		<map:parameter redirect-on-failure="login"/>

<map:pipeline internal-only=true>
<map:match pattern="internal/*.form">
		<map:part src="header-sidebar-footer-stuff">
		<map:part src="cocoon:/{1}">
	<map:transform src="toHTML.xsl"/>
	<map:serialize type="html"/>

<map:match pattern="internal/*.exec">
	<map:call function="woody">
		<map:parameter function="prot_{1}" />
		<map:parameter form-definition="{1}Def.xml" />

<map:match pattern="XXX">
	<map:generate src="doWhateverNecessaryToGetOutput"/>
	<map:transform src="makeItAppropriateXML"/>
	<map:serialize type="xml"/>

function prot_XXX(form) {
	// do validation here
	cocoon.sendPage("internal/YYY.form") or

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