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Subject RE: Woody definition questions - additional question
Date Fri, 02 Jan 2004 22:57:20 GMT

> >   Modified:    src/blocks/woody/samples/resources 
> woody-page-styling.xsl
> >   Log:
> >   Got tired of hand-coding tables, so
> >   expanded group layout count to four:
> >     columns - columns with label left and input right
> >     column  - column with label above and input below (new)
> >     rows    - rows with label above and input below (new)
> >     row     - row with label left and input right (new)
> Just like the original "columns" layout, these new group layouts
> only work with normal widgets.  Ideas are welcome to expand this
> to also layout repeaters (e.g. desired syntax and/or xsl code to
> support it.)
> Do you think the template transformer should be able to output a
> repeater as either row-based and column-based xml, or should we
> just transform row-based to column-based via the xsl transform?

I don't know enough of Woody (yet?) to know the consequences of each
variation, but maybe you do when I explain what I would like. First of all
I'd like the layout specification to be as simple as the "list-orientation"
attribute of the radio buttons.

I don't know how much the underlying code in repeaters is relying on the
fact that all items in one row belong together. I.e. if you currently define
a repeater and then write an XSL that presents the repeater widgets in
columns, would it break if you add a "row"?

In any case you need to rename the "row-action" widget to something else to
avoid confusion when a repeater supports a column layout. 

Bye, Helma

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