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From "Mike Teichman" <>
Subject nested repeaters WANTED !
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2004 15:31:12 GMT
Hi guys,

we've been digging into woody quite a bit those times, and with so much 
effort invested, we're now very concerned with our inability (or woody's) to 
nest wb:repeaters.

This appears to us as something very usual, and it strikes us now that we 
couldn't find any example on this.

To be a little bit clearer:

we have a bean A which contains a Collection of beans B and every bean B 
contains a Collection of beans C. 
And-we'd-like-to-edit-B-beans-and-C-beans-on-the-same-form... that is: with 
repeater widgets all over the place.

Could you please reassure us ?

Also , we're using cocoon 2.1.3. Could it be that this feature is "in 
development" for the next release ? Should we get the CVS HEAD ?

best regards,



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