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From "Chris Chesney" <>
Subject RE: HTTP Post using XML
Date Fri, 23 Jan 2004 04:16:12 GMT
Thanks for the response David.  I'm afraid I wasn't clear in my original post, so I will try
to clarify.  
The servlet-based services already exist on a different server and are outside my control.
 They accept an XML document via an HTTP request as input and return an XML document via the
HTTP response.
The reporting application will utilize these services by invoking one service, using some
of the output as input to another service and so on until all of the data can be combined
and run through an XSLT transformation to produce a report in HTML.
I know the FileGenerator can be used if it were a simple GET, but in my case I need to do
a POST.  FYI, I can accomplish this using the PostMethod object of Apache Commons HttpClient,
but want to utilize the power of the XML pipeline provided by Cocoon.

	-----Original Message----- 
	From: David Crossley [] 
	Sent: Thu 1/22/2004 8:01 PM 
	Subject: Re: HTTP Post using XML

	Chris Chesney wrote:
	> I need to write a reporting application that obtains data from
	> multiple services, transforms it and returns it as HTML.  The services
	> are servlet based and accept an XML document as input and returns an
	> XML document as output.  Some of the output from one service call will
	> be used as input in another service call.
	> Can anyone tell me what generator(s) I would use to accomplish this,
	> or do I need to write one myself?  Sorry if this is obvious – I’ve
	> spent a couple days searching, but can’t find the answer.
	When the input to Cocoon is XML or proper XHTML then use
	FileGenerator. If the input is HTML then use HTMLGenerator.
	Don't use the wrong one or you will get very strange results.
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