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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Cocoon and RDQL
Date Fri, 30 Jan 2004 18:56:54 GMT
On 30.01.2004 16:55, Dioc Vine wrote:

> Hi *,
> I have a question regarding RDQL and Cocoon. Has someone already tried 
> to run the jena implementation of RDQL under Cocoon? I struggled for two 
> days know and I’m in the mouth of madness.
> The task: a simple RDQL query with the result transformed into a String 
> / file / whatever.
> First try - XSP:
> I always get strange error messages like - "(", "Identifier" expected". 
> After a while I find out that seemingly XSP insists on defining a return 
> variable for function. Problem: how to define a variable with the type 
> void.

I guess XSP is only easy if you use it for simple cases, not for 
"inventing" your own generator. You must have some things in mind, e.g. 
that most of the content is transformed into a method generate(). You 
have to add new methods before the first XML content element (not in XSP 
namespace and not xsp:element) if I remember correctly. But I guess it's 
just easier to write your generator from scratch. Extend 
org.apache.cocoon.generation.AbstractGenerator with a method generate() 
and that's it. Use the FileGenerator as example. And the output of your 
generator must be SAX events.

> Second Try - Action:
> After solving a strange error when reading in the RDF (OWL) file I get 
> stuck. The execution of the query brings cocoon to stop executing the 
> whole thing. No error, no return value, nothing, blank screen. The 
> action just doesn’t get through neither does the pipe.

An action is the wrong component for accessing data IMO. They should 
control the application (controller in MVC).


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