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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: Multiple DB Inserts for XSP?
Date Mon, 26 Jan 2004 16:47:29 GMT
Brent L Johnson wrote:

>>Sorry, I have no clues on your main question but I just had to pipe in
>>on this strategy.  Most people would really recommend that you not use
> a 
>>generator to perform "actions".  That's what flow (and Actions) are
> for.
> I think I'll take this advice and modify the code that do
> these actions to use DatabaseAction's instead.  I just havent
> found a good tutorial/doc/example of using DatabaseAction's yet
> (and havent looked too hard yet).  For the short term I'm using XSP
> generators to perform the actions.. based on some sql error,
> I either do a redirect back to some url, or display the error
> message.
> But I think I'll just move DatabaseActions up to a higher
> priority on my change list and see if that fixes my multiple
> login problem.

Seriously look into flow as well.  Right now though the current trend 
has been to not directly out of the box provide raw jdbc functions from 
the flow (that is, without an O/R (object/relational db mapping) layer - 
see the samples) so you may not find that easily understood if you don't 
want to get into O/R too.  IIRC, the wiki, the "official" docs, 
javadocs, and especially the samples, provide a pretty good start at 
working with the database actions.  I'd look at the "Modular" database 
actions.  They are  named that because they provide support for "Input 
Modules" which may not seem important, but it's a good thing and they 
have seen the most active development.


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