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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: sitemap compilation and entity catalog resolver in 2.0.4
Date Fri, 23 Jan 2004 18:10:41 GMT
On 22.01.2004 11:10, Jon Tonberg wrote:

> what I'm asking about here
> is entity resolving within sitemaps at sitemap compile time.


> I want to reference entities from within the sitemap.
> e.g.
> <!DOCTYPE sitemap [ <!ENTITY common-resources SYSTEM "common-resources.xml">
> ]>

Ah, I see, you want to circumvent the limitations of the sitemap. 
"compile time" irritated me, it's before compiling as the sitemap is 
parsed and transformed to Java code in 2.0.4.

> This approach works fine when declaring and resolving a SYSTEM identifier
> where the path of the entity is known, but for portability, I want to use
> the entity catalog to resolve &common-resources.

I see, but the compiling engine is no longer in use. Even in 2.0 CVS the 
interpreting engine is in use. Maybe this feature is missing there too, 
but that was just for your information. In 2.0.4 you can also use the 
much faster engine (at least at startup time, with JDK 1.4 Hotspot also 
at runtime). Just search for "<sitemap" in cocoon.xconf.


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