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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Sitemap viewer, using the sitemap in a creative way - educational context
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2004 11:21:43 GMT
In recent Cocoon distributions there is a thing exactly called "sitemap 
viewer". The first version was delivered with Cocoon 2.1.3, but it might 
be better to use the version from CVS as some issues were added or 
fixed. You can find it in the scratchpad block samples:


On 21.01.2004 11:24, Sandor Spruit wrote:

> [Context: I'm working on a university lab set-up for content management 
> issues, using Cocoon to demonstrate stuff about topic maps, ontologies]
> Folks,
> Is there some way to directly access the sitemap from within the Java 
> code I attach to Cocoon? I'd like to query the sitemap to find out how 
> some given URL will be processed, i.e. what components are used.
> Cocoon is an all-XML, self-describing system. The inner workings of the 
> software can be understood by looking at the XML-information inside it.
> If I could access and "publish" the structure of the sitemap, students 
> could browse it and see how their stuff gets processed. I'd love to have 
> a self-explaining
> Any ideas?
> Sandor

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