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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Ask help for "Cinclude" implement
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2004 01:06:51 GMT
On 20.01.2004 13:25, Jian Dai wrote:

> Hi, Joery:
> I am sorry that I did not make my problem more clearer.

No problem, that's communication :)

> As you mentioned, my problem is that my cinclude transformer COULD NOT
> understand the notation for the first alternative but I cannot figure
> out the reason why.

I see. Do you get an error message or does it "just not work"?

> I have read the articile you mentioned(As the matter of face, I just
> get the idea from there) but still haven't a clue. Do you have any idea
> about that. Can it be the version problem?

Of course it can. So it's interesting to know your exact version of 
Cocoon. You only wrote 2.0, but I guess you are not using 2.0, but any 

BTW, related to the documentation (the link I sent, I never used the 
extended notation myself) it must be <cinclude:src> instead of simple 
<src> as you wrote below. Might be only here in the mail, but maybe you 
have a closer look again.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Joerg Heinicke []
> On 20.01.2004 12:25, Jian Dai wrote:
>>Hi, all:
>>I am tring to use cinclude to include some xml frags in main page and I
> want
>>to pass some
>>parameter to that frag. I was learned that I could use cinclude in
> following
> xmlns:cinclude="">
>>  <src>XMLURI</src>
>>  <cinclude:parameters>
>>    <cinclude:parameter>
>>      <cinclude:name>paraone</cinclude:name>
>>      <cinclude:value>ValueforParaOne</include:value>
>>    </cinclude:parameter>
>>    .............................
>>  </cinclude:parameters>
>>When I added this code frag into xsp for main page, the included XML could
>>not be called. My
>>xsp page simple treated thoese tag as normal xml tag instead of the
>>attributes for "cinclude"
>>But if I use a normal cinlude format like
>>	<cinclude:include src="XMLURI?paraone=ValueforParaOne" />
>>Then, the included XML can be called without problem.
> If I understand you correctly you have two alternatives to use cinclude
> and tried them by putting them into XSP. The output of XSP is of course
> that what you add to it in XML tags form. Nothing will happen or will be
> changed with it until you add a cinclude transformer to the pipeline. So
> the only question is whether the cinclude transformer understands both
> different notations. Following the documentation both should work:
> .
> The problem I have with your error description is that you don't say
> what does not work exactly and that you write "the included XML
> can/could not be called" - what ever that means.
> Joerg

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