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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Strange content delivery behavior
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2004 00:58:26 GMT
Ah, you have been it. At least I remembered that there was such a mail :)

Do you have a special environment too? We really need something
reproducable to find the error.


On 14.01.2004 07:24, danl001 wrote:

> Hassan,
> I had a similar issue and wrote to the list about it a week or two ago.
> The behavior I was experiencing was very strange, but definitely linked
> to the cache. On occassion, the wrong page would be delivered or the
> wrong stylesheet applied. For example, if I asked for a.xml with b.xsl
> applied to it, I might get c.xml with b.xsl applied to it or even c.xml
> with d.xsl applied to it.
> When I cleared the cache, this seemed to fix things, but it happnened
> again when the cache got larger.
> Have you tried clearing your cache?
> Dan
> Hassan Abolhassani wrote:
>>Hi Joerg,
>>>>2- Sometimes, when accessing a page like "news1.html", instead of
>>>>delivering content of "news1.xml" some other content like "news5.xml" is
>>>I never heard of such a strange behaviour until last week. And I guess
>>>it was you, wasn't it? I can't imagine a Cocoon cache bug, because this
>>>would occur more often, especially as you are using only standard
>>I did not sent anything last week in this regards.
>>Anyway, it is the first time for me after 2 years working with Cocoon to
>>see such an event. As I said, I am suspecious about the hosting
>>environment (specially memory capacity). When I restart the server,
>>everything is fine for sometime and then after a while such a behavior
>>What do you think? Is there any memory requirement specification for
>>Hassan Abolhassani

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