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From Tony Collen <>
Subject Re: PHP Generator, How to make it run?
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2004 17:14:47 GMT
Davide wrote:

> Hi all, i'm trying to use the PHP generator but without success...
> I had a look ath the cocoon wiki php generator page and followed the 
> instructions but id doesn't run;
> thisi is the link:
> for example this is my test page:
> <?php
>    print "<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>\n";
>    print "<page>\n";
>    print "<title>Hello world from PHP</title>\n";
>    print "<content>\n";
>    print "<para>This is my page being dynamically generated using a 
> PhpGenerator</para>\n";
>    print "</content>\n";
>    print "</page>\n";
> ?>
> when i call it it doesn't run, and i obtain a blank page; but no errors 
> in the sitemap or similar... HOW TO DO TO MAKE IT RUN??
> heeeelpp!!

I've never ever seen the PHPGenerator run correctly. I'm not sure if 
it's a problem with the PHPServlet, the API that the Generator uses to 
talk to the servlet, or some sort of weird library problem.  A blank 
page is obviously not that useful, and I've never found any useful 
logging coming out of the PHPGenerator.

There was talk a while ago about deprecating the PHPGenerator, perhaps 
it is time to either seriously figure out what's wrong with it, or 
deprecate it and let it die.


> Best regards, Davide

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