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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: how to throw (not propagate) an error?
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2004 01:00:04 GMT
The XSP code is transformed into a method generate() which throws the 
ProcessingException. So you don't have to care about it.


On 30.12.2003 22:58, Lars Huttar wrote:

> Never mind, I think I got it... it was actually very easy
> once I realized that throwing an exception from Java code
> in an XSP page might not be hard. (Guess I have some
> Javaphobia. I don't want to get bogged down too much in
> the underlying details of Cocoon.)
> Anyway, I merely put the following in my (generated) XSP action page:
>             <xsp:logic>
>               <!-- Generate exception to be caught in sitemap -->
>               throw new ProcessingException("Authorization failed.");
>             </xsp:logic>
> I figured this would give me all sorts of errors such as
> not declaring/catching the exception... but it didn't; instead
> Blow me over.
> Lars
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Lars Huttar []
>>Sent: Tuesday, December 30, 2003 2:51 PM
>>To: Cocoon Users List (E-mail)
>>Subject: how to throw (not propagate) an error?
>>Hi all,
>>I'm working on an application that uses user 
>>Rather than using the Authentication Framework,
>>I'm handling auth/auth myself in the sitemap.
>>When a request is processed, the pipeline that matches the
>>request calls the authorization pipeline. The authorization
>>pipeline returns the requested data if the user is logged in
>>and authorized; otherwise, it returns data indicating an
>>authorization failure.
>>Problem: every pipeline that calls the authorization pipeline
>>has to know how to handle the two possible types of returned
>>data, and respond accordingly. The authorization pipeline
>>might even be called two or three levels deep in the call stack,
>>and all intervening pipelines have to know about the possible
>>failure condition and how to handle it.
>>This is a classic case where error handling helps: the authorization
>>pipeline should be able to throw an error condition, which is
>>caught by an error handler <map:handle-errors>, and none of
>>the other code needs to be able to handle error data instead of
>>the usual data.
>>But my problem is, how to throw my own error?
>>I see there is a "notify" generator,
>>so I can invoke
>>  <map:generate type="notifying" />
>>somehow in my authorization pipeline when auth fails;
>>but how do I control what kind of error is generated?
>>And anyway, the documentation says this generator can only
>>be used within a <handle-errors> section, i.e. you can't
>>throw an error with it until an error condition already exists.
>>So to throw my own error, do I have to create an XSP page with
>>Java code in it to throw an error? If so could someone
>>give me an example?
>>Or is there some kind of error-throwing instruction for the sitemap?

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