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From Guy Worthington <>
Subject Re: Can I post to this list, without getting mail
Date Sun, 25 Jan 2004 06:19:03 GMT
> Martin Stricker wrote:
> > Guy Worthington wrote:

Hello Martin,

> > I'd like to read this mailing list via the mail to news gateway
> > at  So I'd like to be able to post to this list but
> > not receive any mail.  Is this possible?
> Send an e-mail to (you'll find
> this address in the header of each list e-mail) and read the reply, 
> I think there is a command to set your subscription to
> no-mail.

I couldn't find a no-mail option, so I'm off to bother the 
mail administrator.

> Please open a new thread for each new question.
> That makes following threads *much* easier. Thank you!

I'm sorry, I can never get the proper balance in an email 
composition.  (I think I'm predestined to always get up someone's 
nose whenever I send an email.)

> Best regards,

I love that closing, it's just so non-commital.  Of course in writing
a letter, you'd use the closing "yours sincerely
spelt with a small "s"  (you're sincere but not that sincere).  Or 
if you're writing an intimate letter "yours faithfully."  But I think
you've invented a new level of unattachment -- the email acquaintance.

I think I'll use that closing from now on and maybe I won't get
into so much trouble.

Best regards,

Guy Worthington

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