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From Jim Horner <>
Subject Re: [Woody] How to get value in flowscript, modify it, and put it back before xml bind
Date Mon, 19 Jan 2004 19:57:40 GMT
> I need to, in the flowscript, increment these values before they are
> written back into the xml. However, I am unable to retrieve the value by
> doing cocoon.request.get("contacts.0.votes"), and even if I did I don't
> know how to change the parameter.

I've found this docu to be priceless:

This might help you; as I am not sure I follow your setup exactly and you 
might have to play around with conversions, dunno...

<wd:field id="contacts.0.votes">
	<wd:label>Daffy Duck</wd:label>
	<wd:datatype base="long" />

<wd:submit id="vote" action-command="vote">

   var contact0Widget = event.source.parent.getWidget("");
   var contact0Votes = contact0Widget.value;
   // or maybe contact0Widget.value = contact0Widget.value + 1;
   // do something with votes... etc...

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