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From rufio <>
Subject Re: Clarification on 2.1.3 unix install, please?
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2004 17:08:57 GMT
on Fri, 16 Jan 2004 08:21:28 -0500 "Daniel Smith" <>

> Hi all.
> Recently I got the 2.1.3 version running on my home Win XP machine.
> However, I also need to install it in the directories of the server at
> the company hosting my site.
> Can someone tell me how I am to install Cocoon with the newer non-binary
> versions on someone else's machine? Must one now run the build file, etc.
> on the machine you are installing on, or can I make the war file with the 
> Win
> version on my own machine, and transfer to the unix box? And install the
> updated xerces, xalan etc. files the old-fashioned way?

+--------------------| W A R N I N G |----------------------+
   This build is targeted for use with JVM 1.4
 Using this build on a virtual machine other than the one
   it is targeted for may result in runtime errors.

There are some issues with endorsed libs so ensure both javas are 1.4 or
both pre-1.4

Regards, Rufio
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