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From Jens Maukisch <>
Subject Re[2]: Authentication framework problem
Date Mon, 19 Jan 2004 20:58:56 GMT

> If I want to replace the static xml document with an XSP that
> loads the same data from a database, what I have to load?

> 1) Do I have to select all the users of the portal everytime?
> (NO, I hope! What if I have 1000 or more users???)
You have just to select the user who wants to log in

> 2) In the case I can use request parameters I select from the
> database only the information about the current user, but this is
> possible only in the login step; when the user navigates internal
> pages of the portal I suppose I don't have the username/pasword in
> the request. So the doubt is: What I have to select from the
> database to create the XML
> <authentication><ID>...<ID/><authentication/>?
You have to select the ID (= username) the role,
and maybe some data

> With other  words: my XSP has to select form database with which parameters??
username and password:
e.g.: select userid, userrole, ... from usertbl where userid =
$username and password = $password;

Trasform the resultset in the correct xml and then it should work
have a look at the sunrise-user.xsl and the sunrise-user.xml


* best regards
* Jens Maukisch              
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