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From Guy Worthington <>
Subject Can I post to this list, without getting mail
Date Sat, 24 Jan 2004 06:29:31 GMT

I'd like to read this mailing list via the mail to news gateway 
at  So I'd like to be able to post to this list but 
not receive any mail.  Is this possible?

Oh, by the way, I had some trouble installing Cocoon 2.1.3 with
Apache Tomcat 5 servlet engine (on a win2k box).  In particular, 
I came across two hurdles:

1) I decompressed the cocoon-latest-src.tar.gz file using the 
   winzip application.  This failed to create the empty directory


   I'm not sure whether it's possible to add a README text file
   into the directory with the contents "this directory is empty",
   but if it's not possible, then maybe the INSTALL text file could
   be updated to reflect that winzip will not decompress the 
   Cocoon archive correctly.

2) I'm a casual user of Java and as such I'm fairly competent
   in creating and using JAR files (with or without using ANT), 
   but I've no exposure to WAR files.  It was just through pure
   trial and error that I added the "war" command line option 
   to the build batch file.  (I should explain that I didn't 
   start passing random words to the build batch process until I'd
   done a search of the FAQ and a cursory browse of the Wiki.)

I know these are only small things, but they were hurdles to me.  

Before I finish I'd really like an answer, to my first question:
is it possible to post to the Cocoon-users mailing list, and not
receive mail?

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